Values and paradigms

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Do you know your values? our values are the foundation how we react and what we do and how we see things. Most people don´t think about it, but our beliefs determine our actions which give the result we have in life. The beliefs becomes our paradigms (we are programmed a certain way, usually all the way from childhood- what we see, hear, experience...). Many people want a different result in some areas of their lives (health, weightloss, career, finances, relationships, personality...) but they only try to change some action and after a while they fail and fall back into same track. If you´ve done that you´re not a failure- you are just perfectly normal, because in our brain there are beliefs that are very strong and they don´t let other actions rule so easily. The change have to be that we start feeding other beliefs so they grow stronger and soon make us act differently. A coach/mentor can help you in this process, because it is only just that; a process. 

christmas times and learning

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Hope you are all having a wonderful December. For me I think time just passes too quickly. I want time to learn something new everyday- do You? I believe in growing myself and helping others to grow and develop. Today I have started some online business with my coaching and some e-books. That´s a new thing for me. I have also made an application to migri for a friend from Iraq that I´ve helped starting his own business here. You all have talents, gifts and skills that can be of value for others. Are you in your right position right now or do you know that there is more within you? I believe there is..... 
So what can you do now in this busy christmas time to develop yourself? 
-take 10 minutes every day to read something great and inspiring
-clarify your own talents, dreams, values and everything else. write them down
-look at all the different areas in your life: career, social, financial, relationships, health... and see where do you have to put most focus right now? choose 3 main goals for the next month and 3 action steps you can do every day that brings you closer to your goals.
-think about what you think about! especially about yourself- what beliefs do you have, why do you have them? , Who would you like to become? what beliefs do you need to change then?
I wish you good luck and I´ll be here if somebody needs advise.