Values and paradigms

publicerat i Allmänt;
Do you know your values? our values are the foundation how we react and what we do and how we see things. Most people don´t think about it, but our beliefs determine our actions which give the result we have in life. The beliefs becomes our paradigms (we are programmed a certain way, usually all the way from childhood- what we see, hear, experience...). Many people want a different result in some areas of their lives (health, weightloss, career, finances, relationships, personality...) but they only try to change some action and after a while they fail and fall back into same track. If you´ve done that you´re not a failure- you are just perfectly normal, because in our brain there are beliefs that are very strong and they don´t let other actions rule so easily. The change have to be that we start feeding other beliefs so they grow stronger and soon make us act differently. A coach/mentor can help you in this process, because it is only just that; a process. 

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