Time for change

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Have you ever wanted change? Did you feel it was easy or hard to accomplish? 
I´ve wanted change many times in my life, some of them easy to do but some extremly hard. Making change isn´t as easy as we can believe. Why? because our brain always choose to make the easy road- the one that we know, that is common, that makes sense. We have beliefs deep in our subconscious mind and they make us act accrding to them even though we would WANT to choose something else. Sounds complicated? no, it´s not. The good news is that we ALL CAN force our brain to make new ways and we can all change the beliefs we have. But we might need a mentor, a coach, somebody to help us keep on the right track when things go wrong. Sign up for my newsletter on my homepage http://ljungars.net and you might get a free coaching session :D

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