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Have you heard: "Learn something new everyday?". I think many of us heard it but still we don´t give it much attention , do we? It´s kind of the same thing when we know what we should eat, how much we should exercise and so on... We rather stay in our own safe comfort zone. But I want to encourage us all to learn something new every day. Our brain is really as a muscle- if we don´t use it, it gets smaller but when we use it -there is no end to what we can learn and accomplish in our lives. So that should be inspiring, right? But why is it then so hard to do? Because our brain is programmed to do as you´ve always done and act like you´ve always acted (and reacted). But when you start to train your brain is so exciting. A good way to start preparing your brain for every new thing you want to learn, is to change all your habits. Because as I said- the sleeping brain work on your habits- so you awaken it when you start doing things differently- change your morning routines, your eating habits, the way you used to go to work... everything. Make it a habit not to follow any of your previous habits :). Then your brain starts also to awaken and making new "roads" and whatever you start learning -the brain opens up for. And remember- the brain is a muscle so it takes time before you notice the results, but I promise you- if you do these things 2017 will be such a great year for you and nothing is impossible for you anymore! Good luck with alll your new learning- share it if you want. (your journey :))

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